cause it's hurts me, oh it hurts to let you in

Klaus Mikaelson | You really think I CARE about my hybrids? [4x12] 

Oh. My. God. Last episode was emotional, my heart is officially broken. RIP Kol. But I still have a hope that Silas will bring you back. 

Also, I feel really sorry for Klaus. During the whole season there were so many dramatic scenes with him and his human side. When he said “You really think I care about my hybrids?” I’m sure he meant that he cares about his family above all. Because they stick together as one.

I understand why they’re making spin-off. It will be the good opportunity to develop his character. Still pissed that there won’t be Caroline :/


may anyone tell me what happened with tyler lockwood in tvd books? is it true that he on a bad side there? 


Forwood, playing rough and own the walls since 2011

Tyler & Caroline | What The Water Gave Me [3x01]

omg vampire diaries ! 


stefan !

alaric !

jeremy !

damon !

elena !

caroline !

tyler !


FU*K! I really need to watch TVD 3x01!! Forwood scene looks so GKJLKHL:UIGYI*(%&^ INCREDIBLE in new promo!! 

I think that it’s good that there are 2 month between 2x22 and 3x01 in TVD ‘cause it’s a good way for true development of FORWOOD relationship