cause it's hurts me, oh it hurts to let you in

4x12 Klaus and Damon scene RE-MAKE with Caroline 

I think that twit post which JoMo has written is about Klaroline first real simple dialogue when he just tells her that he loves the rain 

klaus & caroline | you can make me whole (au)

can’t believe I finished this:)

I just don’t understand. Why Jeremy and Matt let Alaric to kill Klaus if they both knew that it also automatically kills Tyler, their close friend. And I don’t get Matt reaction in the car. I mean. WTF, man? It’s your fault.  

Thoughts about 3x22 of TVD 

You guys, almost killed me. How Klaus fans can be happy if there’s no JoMo in s4? You tell me! To be Klaus fan is not only about his character but also to respect actor’s acting. And now I don’t know what to think. I guess writers put Klaus soul into Tyler’s body only to stop discussing about Forwood vs Klaroline. Now it’s over, but i hope they’ll find a way to return Klaus body ‘cause it won’t be enough for me to look at Klaus but don’t see Klaus.

Also, this episode totally showed why Damon is best choice for Elena no matter what she has decided. In this episode he was so great! Just think how long was his road and now we can say he’s one of the most beautiful characters on this show and in s4 I’m sure we’ll see Delena.

I just realized Klaus was killed only because of Elena’s words. If she didn’t say about her life and Alaric’s life Klaus still would be alive 

Klaus + Caroline + Tyler | Think Twice [AU] +3x20

Klaus & Caroline | Turning Tables [3x14]

The Vampire Diaries | I Will Guide You In The Night [+3x13]


I’ve just read that we gonna see more flashbacks and we’ll finally see how Klaus got his curse.

You know what it means?