cause it's hurts me, oh it hurts to let you in

Klaus Mikaelson | You really think I CARE about my hybrids? [4x12] 

Oh. My. God. Last episode was emotional, my heart is officially broken. RIP Kol. But I still have a hope that Silas will bring you back. 

Also, I feel really sorry for Klaus. During the whole season there were so many dramatic scenes with him and his human side. When he said “You really think I care about my hybrids?” I’m sure he meant that he cares about his family above all. Because they stick together as one.

I understand why they’re making spin-off. It will be the good opportunity to develop his character. Still pissed that there won’t be Caroline :/


klaus & caroline | one day [4x07]

klaus (in tyler’s body) & caroline | been better [4x01]

It’s perfect when you’e shipping two different characters who haven’t even met before and then writers finally put them together. Yes, I’m talking about people who was shipping Klaroline before their first official scene. I think they’re really happy right now. And I’m happy for them. 

The boy who was in need of love. The girl who dreamed be loved.


Klaus & Caroline | So Cold (AU)

Imagine Klaroline (Caroline&Klaus) acting like Chair (Chuck&Blair). I thought how it would be if they were all humans with broken relationships.

It’s funny in season 1 I thought that Caroline can be killed in every moment. Even in season 2 I was afraid for her. But now she’s under Klaus protection ;)